Organized Labour Movement Set for a One-Day Nationwide Protest, NLC Consents

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The organized labour under the favour of the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has declared its aim to organize a one-day nationwide protest.

While addressing a meeting of the National Executive Council at Abuja, yesterday, NLC President, Ayuba Wabba, expressed disappointment over the continued closure of the country’s tertiary institutions due to unresolved labour dispute between the federal government and workers’ union.

“For four months and running, the children of the poor have remained at home,” Mr. Wabba said.

“Today as we speak, Diesel is selling for more than N800 per litre. There is no way this situation can be allowed to continue.

“So I think there’s an urgency in addressing this issue.

Additionally, the NCL President said that the Central Working Committee has concluded a one-day strike to resolve the issue.

“And therefore, the central working committee decided that there will be a one-day national protest to call the attention of the government to resolve this issue immediately”. He said.

He also lamented that the only way of solving the current fuel scarcity is to promote local refining in the country.