Church Attack: Pastor Adeboye Counters Gun Rumour

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The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Pastor, Enoch Adeboye, counters the rumour of asking Christians to buy guns for self-protection in the church.

“Don’t buy guns. You don’t want to kill anybody. We just must make sure that unwanted visitors don’t come to our churches, so don’t go and buy guns,’’ Adeboye said.

Adeboye made this statement while preaching from Mount Carmel, Ifewara, Osun State at the church’s monthly thanksgiving service on Sunday, 2 July.

Furthermore, he cited that Sampson in the bible did not use guns to fight his enemies, rather he used the jawbone of an ass.

“I never asked Christians to go and buy guns. Sampson in the bible did not use an AK-47 to fight his enemies, Samson used the jaw bone of an ass how do you demonstrate that to the children? You show them the jawbone of an ass”.

“What we are saying is that we don’t need unwanted visitors in our church. If the police come and they find the bone of ass they will understand. All we are doing is to demonstrate to our children,” he said.

Additionally, at the July Holy Ghost Service, Pastor Adeboye urged members of the church not to be afraid to attend church programs.