Court Docs Reveal Hushpuppi Has Emerged As The “Best Bathroom Cleaner” In Prison As He Pleads Not To Be Deported To Nigeria Because Of Abba Kyari

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Court docs reveal Hushpuppi has emerged as the “Best Bathroom Cleaner” in prison as he pleads not to be deported to Nigeria because of Abba Kyari

Ramon ‘Hushpuppi’ Abbas has appealed to the United States Judge Otis Wright to temper justice with mercy and hand him a lighter jail term ahead of his September 21, saying he had become a changed person after scoring high in cleaning activities.

Hushpuppi’s record seen by Peoples Gazette as part of his memorandum countering sentencing recommendations of prosecutors showed he performed well and related well with other inmates. His report card for the Central Valley workshop for prisoners showed the Internet fr@udster put up “very good” in attitude, quality of work, dependability, and productivity between July 2021 when he enrolled and November 2021 when he completed work.

Meanwhile, in a related development, Hushpuppi revealed in court that he is at risk of being h@rmed by a suspended Police officer, Abba Kyari. He said his role in the indictment of Mr. Kyari, which precipitated the downfall of Nigeria’s most-celebrated police officer, has put him at grave risk and he would not be able to return to Nigeria after serving his sentence in the U.S.