Russia Earns 97 Billion Dollars on Energy Export Since Invasion

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Independent Centre For Research on Energy and Clean Air – CREA says Russia earned nearly 100billion dollars from oil and gas exports during the first 100 days of the war in Ukraine.

The CREA found that revenues have been falling since March, as many countries shunned Russian supplies, but remain high. It also warned of potential loopholes in efforts to curb imports from Russia.

The EU, US and UK are among those to have pledged to cut Russian imports.

ELSEWHERE – Israel’s Foreign Minister Yair Lapid today urged citizens in Turkey to leave “as soon as possible” over threats that Iranian operatives are actively planning attacks on Israelis in Istanbul.

Lapid said there is a real and immediate danger, and there is no vacation worth one’s life, citing “several Iranian attempts at carrying out terror attacks against Israelis on holiday.